Anthony DeSanto (b.1996) was born in Hartford, Connecticut and grew up in West Palm Beach, Florida. He received his Studio Art BFA from the University of Central Florida, with a focus on photography. 
Anthony is interested in shared relationships/experiences, and likes to make work addressing the multiple facets of time, gaze, digital media, and the photo as language. Anthony works primarily in 35mm photography, scanning the negatives to create sculptures, prints and photobooks. 
He enjoys music, sleeping in, and having a slice of pizza with his friends.
My Work
I believe in the manifestation of our dreams, and invite my viewers to uncover the sublime truths that are building within their everyday lives. It is in the human commonality to collect and share images as points of time in our ephemeral lives. By combining analog photography (shooting with 35mm film) and digital photography with photographic scanning, editing, and manipulation, I am expanding on points in my history as well as points in photography’s technical and cultural history. My process often involves a form of construction and deconstruction – from scanning negatives, to cutting and pasting photographic prints. At the core of the process, I abstract the pictorial plane and the image becomes less of a memory, and more of a dream that I can mold and apply to my own world at the present moment. This uncanny mixture of old and new materials and techniques generates a oneness between the present and the past.

2019    BFA Studio Art – Photography,  University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL
Minor – Digital Media
2016    AA – Emerging Media, Broward College, Davie, FL

2020    Youth #6, CICA Museum, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
2019    Playdate No.5, Motion Sickness Project, Cambridge, UK
2019    ALLEGORIA: SVAD Biannual BFA Exhibition, UCF Art Gallery, University                of Central Florida, Orlando, FL (catalog)
2019    Stage One, Pop Parlour, Orlando, FL
2019    The Good Stuff, School of Visual Arts and Design, Orlando, FL
2019    Thrust, School of Visual Arts and Design, Orlando, FL
2019    Fresca, Pop Parlour, Orlando, FL
2018    ISO108, School of Visual Arts and Design, Orlando, FL
2018    The Rest, Pop Parlour, Orlando, FL
2018    Adjacent Style, City Arts Factory, Orlando, FL
2018    Don’t Tell Your Friends, Harolds, West Palm Beach, FL
2018    Campus Movie Fest, Regal Cinemas Battery Park, New York, NY
2018    Real Eyes, Pop Parlour, Orlando, FL

2018     Director of Photography, Black. Butch. Woman. (link) Directed by Nia Cumberlander

2019    VOYAGE MIA  (link)

2019    Crocker Partners Art Loan, Orlando FL
2018    Crocker Partners Art Loan, Orlando FL
2018    Provost Office Art Loan, University of Central Florida, Orlando FL
2018    Campus Docs Grand Prize Winner, Campus Movie Fest, New York, NY
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